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“We still marvel at the many wonders that we experienced on our trip with you, Christine, and your team. There were so many special personal favors that you offered to all of us, that made this trip one of our very best.”
“ The diversity of the country surpassed my expectations.  I especially enjoyed how friendly the people were and how safe I felt.  Expert care was given to arranging our itinerary.  As a result, we were privileged to be exposed to a rich variety of experiences. ”
At Baraka Journeys our goal is to provide an exceedingly high quality trip, which will surpass your expectations and fill your heart with pleasant, joyful and uplifting memories for years to come. We want your mind to be full of colorful, beautiful, interesting and heart-warming images of your destination so that you will enjoy recalling your experience often. We are carefully concerned about every aspect of our journeys and seek to offer you such a fulfilling experience that you will want to travel with us again and again as so many others have.
Through our journeys we strive to connect world peoples. Also we seek to provide our travelers with beauty, pleasure, learning opportunities, truth, companionship, colorful sites, sounds and aromas, delicious meals and inspirational moments. You can be an ambassador from our country to those who may not be able to travel themselves. You will have opportunities to know our distant neighbors and bring home messages about them to your friends and family.
We would love to welcome you on one of our exceptional journeys to legendary lands, and would gladly provide you with the names and contact numbers or e-mail addresses of many of our past travelers.

                                                                    Christine Robison
                                                                    Owner/Tour Manager

Scheduled Tours

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The Baltics, Latvia,

Lithuania and Estonia

June 1 - 25, 2015

Romania & Bulgaria

to be announced

Central Asia

Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan

September 29 - October 23, 2017

Western China

October 6 - 29, 2011

Eastern Turkey

to be announced

So. India & Sri Lanka

January 13 - Feb. 7, 2014


to be announced