Tunisia Tour Overview
Dr. Naguib Ben Lazrick, archaeologist from the Tunisian National Institute of Heritage will lecture and guide you at one or more of the Roman sites.
Visit infamous Carthage and by special permission from the National Archaeological Institute, visit a Roman archaeological site not generally open
          to tourists.
Enjoy lectures on a variety of topics by guest specialists.
Traverse the Sahara in the Southern part of the country by 4-wheel drive vehicles, marveling at the oases and desert architecture including horizontal
          and vertical troglodyte structures of the indigenous Berber culture.
Enjoy several special authentic meals and entertainment in distinctive settings such as under tents in the desert, picnics in the countryside, or with locals in private homes.
Stay in some unforgettably spectacular, one-of-a-kind, custom designed hotels.
Visit magnificent Roman sites including temples, coliseums, baths, residences, aqueducts, theatres and commercial districts in Dougga, Sbeitla, El Djem,
          Bulla Regia and Thuburbo Majus.
Marvel at the diversity of the natural and architectural beauty of the country.  See lush green fertile farmlands of the mid-part, once the bread basket of
          Rome.  Enjoy the forested, mountains of the far north, and the beauty of the   
          long, Mediterranean coastline dotted with charming white villages.
Enjoy magnificent ancient and contemporary Islamic architecture.  Visit Kairouan, considered the religion's fourth holiest city.
Marvel at the immense collection of Roman mosaics at the Bardo Museum, formerly a palace of the Beys of the Ottoman Empire.
Tour and/or dine in beautiful, restored and furnished historic homes with
          rooms decorated from floor to ceiling in hand painted tiles.
Be treated to "surprise" invitations to local cultural and/or social events.
Visit an inspirational social service project, such as a school for hearing impaired children in the Saharan city of Douz.
See villages where painter Paul Klee and writers Flaubert and Simone de Beauvoir were inspired.
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A Mosaic of Ancient Civilizations. 

From the Mediterranean to the Sahara. 

A comprehensive, cultural, archaeological and history tour.

Tour Dates

to be announced


25 or 29 days


to be announced


Limited to 16 people


  1. All meals

  2. Snacks in bus

  3. Bottles water at meals, on the bus and in your room

  4. Wine, beer or non-alcoholic beverages with lunch and dinner

  5. All tips for guides, drivers, porters and meals

  6. All entrance fees

  7. All hotels deluxe, most interesting and attractive or best available (depending upon what is available in each location we visit)

  8. Complimentary guide book and map

  9. Luggage tags and straps

  10. Traveler’s insurance

  11. Multilingual Tour Manager

  12. Experienced local guides

  13. All (if any) flights within country

  14. All arrival and departure transfers

  15. Baggage handling

  16. Evening entertainment